Workshop Films

As part of our popular filmmaking workshop, Hellbender Media/Guerrilla Productions has produced many hilarious short movies.

Check ’em out!

This time, Mr. Bauer must uncover a deadly plot to... alter people.

It’s time for journalists to get back to their roots -- uncovering mischief!

Above all else, be safe out there, fandom!

Sometimes, it’ the con within the con within the con...

Zombies were people, too.

Is it murder most foul, or something even more sinister...?

Behold -- now is the time of your destruction, Earthling!

There's no way of telling what oddball things fans may have lying around...

Our first workshop film, wherein we attempt to take over the world.

The horror that is locked inside that little tiny box...

Even demons need your support.

All the news that fits!

It started in the ancient days...

How do those movies get made? Let’s start with the script...

A rare species that we must all watch out for.

Neo may be The One, but there may also be some... regrets. Woah.

We all speak of the Unnameable, but does that really mean it’s unnameable?

The mashup we all needed to see: Lord of the Rings plus Run Lola Run.

Ancient gods need love, too.

As we all say once we hear the foundations creaking: “It’s a disaster!”

Who will survive... Ultimate Survivor?!

A prody of the popular sci-fi series.

Even the lesser demons need a little time out on occasion.

A double-feature of hilarious proportions.