Short Films

Short films, like poetry, allow a story to be told quickly. Short movies allow exploration without huge commitment.

And, of course, short movies are fun. There’s no other way to describe it. Short movies allow a viewer to see what the Director or the Writer likes doing when they’re not trying to serve the grand machinery of a feature film.

A thriving mining town uncovers something profoundly unwholesome in this mysterious tale of the Old West.

At the turn of the century, a group of pirates meet to swap tales and plan plunder. But one is hungrier than the others...

What could cause a human being to thrown in with a Deep One. It better be an amazing promise!

When darkness falls and the Moon comes out, a transformation occurs -- followed by fury, death, pain, and ultimately regret.

When the Greater Gods of the Lovecraft mythos get together, what horrifying mischief can they be up to...?

A woman from Innsmouth is desperate to escape the curse of her family. But curses are tenacious...

A delicious adaptation, this completely unlicensed parody covers every single chapter of the second most famous fantasy trilogy ever written.

Ages ago, our planet spun around the Sun alone, without a Moon, and upon its face there thrived a crystal race, who loved their god, and whose god loved them.

In ReCreation, one man is forced by tragedy to confront the Universe and bend it to his will.

Be careful about who you trust regarding your remains...

What’s it like to experience the
H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival
in person?

Shadowdog knows.

Deep in the dreary impenetrable badlands of 2415’s Pacific Northwest, a lone adventurer seeks her future.

Before there were classy adaptations of this short story, we came along and caused mischief.

Love is a close sibling to a completely different kind of emotion...

Hellbender Media and Media F/X Productions joined forces to help Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff make his own movie.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is an incursion into ancient terror in the middle of a lost cemetery deep within impenetrable woods.

What happens when six men are trapped beneath a mountain in a massive cave-in?

Whenever you make a deal with a supernatural creature - no matter how good the sex is - read the fine print!