Ever since the first crazy protohuman said “Hold my rock a sec, I’m gonna try something,” we have been entertained by images and sound.

Hellbender Media does its best to honor that ancient tradition by presenting audio-visual entertainments of all sorts and flavors. From short weird movies, to feature films, to series, and to things... of a more unusual nature... we've never backed down from a challenge.

Hold my rock a sec...

Feature Films

Hellbender Media is pleased to offer a variety of strange feature films, to complement our collection of strange short movies.


Hellbender Media is in production on a number of exciting series projects of all sorts and sizes

Short Films

Short films, like poetry, allow a story to be told quickly. Short movies allow exploration without huge commitment.

Workshop Films

As part of our popular filmmaking workshop, Hellbender Media/Guerrilla Productions has produced many hilarious short movies.

Low-Budget Filmmaking Tips

You don’t have time to remember every fiddly little bit, especially when you’re on set and shit’s getting crazy. Let us remember it for you.