Other Books

These are other books, not published by Hellbender Media, but that contain work by us.

Check them out at their sites, or look for them on your favorite book review sites!

A collection of short horror stories written by some of the very best horror writers. Be prepared to be frightened as you read these stories.

This book is about broken worlds, from families to a multiverse, where things are not what they seem or seem to be what they are: utterly broken from the top down and vice versa.

These eighteen post-apocalyptic tales focus on the phoenix, not the ashes. After the death of a world, you start to consider the things that really matter: making the best of new worlds.

Welcome back to Fossil Lake, where the water is dark, and deep, and strange. Where wonderful mysteries and abhorrent monsters dwell together, lurking far beyond the shadowed reach of reality.

Twenty amazing tales set in steampunk lands by masterful storytellers such as David D. Levine, Brenda Clough, Mark J. Ferrari, Irene Radford, K.L. Townsend, David Lee Summers, Shannon Page, Bruce Taylor, among others.

In these pages you’ll find superheroes, fantasy, steampunk, corporate whistle-blowing, and a grandma passing down her ‘secret family recipe.’

Seventeen stories, seventeen monsters, all here to delight and disgust you as they return to their Stomping Grounds!

What goes on in the Boneyard? Does the night watchman stumble across an unearthed atrocity? Does a gravedigger find a relic that threatens mankind?

Fifteen amazing tales from fifteen talented authors -- all exploring what no one has seen before... or discovered!

Anger, jealousy, obsession, hatred, murder; villainy comes in all shapes and sizes.