Welcome to the Blinkspace

A human being blinks about ten times a minute, and in that fraction of a second, the brain shuts itself down, so there is no perception of the darkness, or even the passage of time during the blink. Everyone’s existence appears seamless, but is constantly punctuated by periods of unseen dark existence. At any moment, there is a hole in perception, a cognitive-blind place where someone is mid-blink.

In this place, this ephemeral web of existence spread across the human experience, there are things, places, and life. Hidden from eyes, it is the shadows within the shadows, the teeth in the dark, the true Secrets of the World, and usually, it can only be found in the space of an eyeblink.


Blinkspace explores that Secret World, and brings it out into the open, to properly drive you mad. Read, enjoy, comment, and share us with others.


(the Blinkspace will return...)