Books are weird.

Used to be, books were just paper things you bought at a bookstore. They still are, of course, and that’s wonderful, because all of us at Hellbender Media are avid readers, and by “avid,” what I actually mean is “voracious to the point of sometimes needing medication.”

But then, who isn’t?

But now, books are weird. Books are paper things. Books are digital things. Books are online story blogs, where everything is constantly shifting and unfolding.

And by “weird,” what I actually mean is “awesome - I love living in the future!”

Our Books

Books published by Hellbender Media.

Other Books

These are other books, not published by Hellbender Media, but that contain work by us.

Welcome to the Blinkspace

Blinkspace explores the Secret World, and brings it out into the open, to properly drive you mad.